Levels of Membership

The RAS Homeowner Program ™  offers two exceptional levels of membership: Gold and Platinum. Both levels provide access to the exclusive benefits of being a part of the RAS (Respond, Assess, Secure) Program ™ , but the Platinum membership takes it a step further, offering additional advantages that make it a highly valuable upgrade.

As a Gold member, you gain access to priority response and swift home securing by the RLB team of collaborative partners in the aftermath of a hurricane. You’ll benefit from professional assessments, expert guidance, tree removal services, restoration assistance, and the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have a reliable team supporting you during the recovery process.

However, the Platinum membership takes your experience to a whole new level. In addition to all the benefits of the Gold level, Platinum members activate the RLB response team, which places them at the front of the line for property assessment and securing. This means that as a Platinum member, you’ll receive immediate attention and expedited services, ensuring your home is secured as quickly as possible. We accept limited members into the Platinum level.

The value of upgrading to the Platinum level is unparalleled. By activating the response team, you’re essentially guaranteeing swift action and priority service. Time is of the essence after a hurricane, and being first in line for assessment and home securing can significantly reduce further damage and provide you with peace of mind during a challenging time.

Upgrade to the Platinum level and experience the utmost level of responsiveness, efficiency, and protection. Ensure your home is secure promptly and receive the highest level of care and support from the RLB collaborative team members. With Platinum membership, you’re investing in comprehensive and expedited assistance that will help you restore your home and life faster. The wonderful thing about becoming a FREE Gold member is you decide at what time you would like to upgrade to Platinum.