Our Ladder of Recovery


Our Ladder of Recovery


Your Personal Recovery Plan

Rapid: The Respond, Assess, and Secure (RAS) homeowner program provides swift assistance, with the RLB team promptly responding to homes after a storm.

Thorough: Through the Respond, Assess, and Secure homeowner program, the RLB team conducts a comprehensive assessment of storm-damaged homes to ensure no detail is overlooked.

Protective: The Respond, Assess, and Secure homeowner program aims to secure homeowners’ properties swiftly, implementing measures to safeguard against further damage or potential risks.

Upgrade to Platinum Membership ONLY when you are within the eye of the storm.

In the aftermath of the storm, an RLB representative will access, document, and communicate the status of your property. Typically we perform this within 1 to 3 days of road openings.

RLB will provide a link via CompanyCam for you to view the condition of your property. Pictures can be downloaded to begin the insurance claim process.

Your insurance adjuster will be able to access the photos of your home and/or damages (80-100 pics)  via the link to expedite your insurance claim and funding.

RLB will secure (tarp) any openings or damaged areas on your home/roof.  Should there be any broken windows or glass we will board or tarp said damages. Charges collected for emergency services will be less than standard insurance rates. Repairs will only be done after consulting with the homeowner.

Securing your property meets the requirements set forth in your insurance agreement. Proper mitigation assures full payment for all incurred damages.