Did a hurricane or severe weather damage your home in 2020 or 2021?

Federal Assistance is now available.
RLB Construction is happy to work with homeowners that are in the  Restore La. Program. We look forward to  helping you solve your roofing and construction needs

Are you working with the Restore La Program?


How can the RLB team help you? 

If you are working with the Restore La Homeowners program we would love to help you maneuver through the maze.

We will be more than glad to work with your appointed agent and you to be present at the walk-through to help you understand the cost and complete repairs needed to make your home whole again.

RLB will make sure you understand your options when working with Restore La. It is a WONDERFUL program and will make many lives and homes whole again in the state of Louisiana.


Call Us Today and speak to an in-house Restore La. Homeowner consultant.

After hurricane Ida, I had damage to my roof. Bronson quickly assessed the damage, went over options and got me on schedule in weeks! The install went off without a hitch! Top-notch all the way!

– Amy Dunn Hotard