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Before partnering with RLB Construction, Chance has worn many hats in the Restoration Industry. From Sales to Project Manager Chance has learned what it means to serve his community.

No matter what problems arrived in Louisiana from Hail to Hurricane Chance was there. For the last 5 years, he has been settling in from North Carolina. Before his starting years here he had accomplished many of his goals in chasing his dreams. Coming from the small town of Nashville, NC he traveled to Texas to become a Machinist then to Georgia to become a Butler & Blackjack Dealer then finally he found his home in Lafayette LA.

He serves the restoration industry because he has seen so much devastation. Going through Floyd as a baby to Harvey as a young man, Chance always wanted to be on the front lines serving people in their time of need.

In his short yet long-lived years, people would come to know that Chance is just your genuine guy trying to make it to God. Inspired by his natural God-given gifts he is driven to succeed. Step by step this Man has never given up climbing the ladder to success.

Chance may be the youngest age on the RLB team but he has worn many hats in the restoration industry, from sales to project manager. In the last 5 years, while living in Lafayette, La. serving his community has been a big part of his life.

When natural disasters have devastated the lives of Louisianans, from hail to hurricanes, Chance has been there. Chance’s journey to Lafayette had a few pit stops along the way. Born and raised in the small town of Nashville, NC. he first made his way to Texas and Georgia before claiming Lafayette, La. as home.

Having gone through Floyd as a baby, to Harvey as a young man, Chance saw much devastation in his younger years. Being on the front line and serving people comes as second nature for Chance.

In his short, yet long-lived years, he will tell you making his way to God is his number one priority in life. He falls back on his natural God-given gifts to climb the ladder of success. Giving up on his dream of success is never an option. Chance says he continues his journey to success step by step.