RAS Homeowner Program™

RLB Stays Behind To Respond,
Access and Secure Your Home. Watch Video NOW for program details. 



Once the work crews have cleared the roadways and an all-clear has been issued for the reopening of roads, we will make our way to your home as soon as possible.


We will assess your damages and provide you with a full, detailed report, including pictures, that can be used to start your insurance claim.


With your permission, we will secure your home to prevent further damage. You will have access to our restoration partners and tree and debris removal.

If you’re a homeowner in the Gulf Coast Region, your greatest resource is being a member of the RAS Homeowner Program™. The second most essential resource is “After the Storm: Your Comprehensive Resource for Louisiana Hurricane Recovery”

–  Dale Childress Jr.

Proactive Protection: Preparing for Recovery with RAS Homeowner Program

A storm can devastate your home and disrupt your life in the blink of an eye. Even when the storm has passed, the aftermath can be just as challenging, from addressing immediate safety concerns to managing long-term reconstruction. But you are not alone in this journey. RLB Constructions’ RAS Homeowner Program™ is here to help you navigate these trying times.

Levels of Membership

Join The RLB Inner Circle membership and community of homeowners just like you!

Learn more about the Platinum Membership Benefits here:

Free Gold

As a Gold Member, you receive

  • After the Storm: Your Comprehensive Resource for Louisiana Hurricane Recovery
  • Current Updates once a storm enters into the Gulf via email or text
  • Monthly Rooftop News Newsletter
  • Option to upgrade to Platinum at any time.
  • After storm inspection with up to 10 pictures (Platinum Members will be scheduled first)
  • Access to our collaborative partners

$99 Platinum

As a Platinum Member, you receive

  • All perks of the Gold Membership PLUS…..
  • Private phone number for the responder team after the storm
  • First in line for the first responder team, including water restoration/demo, roofing, tree, and debris removal.
  • Complete detailed digital and hard copy home inspection report with 80 – 100 pictures.
  • Top of the list for all services provided by the RAS collaborative partners.
  • Walk-through assistance with your insurance adjuster
  • Limited Platinum Memberships Available

The Hurricane Survivor's Membership Hub

Not sure where to start? Here’s where most people start!

RAS Homeowner Program

FREE Membership

RAS Homeowner Program ™

Gold Level Membership

Stay informed and prepared with our Free Membership. Receive valuable tips and resources directly to your inbox, helping you take proactive steps to protect your home before a storm hits. Access our comprehensive storm preparedness guides and be the first to know about essential updates and alerts.

Instant Download

Recovery Roadmap

After the Storm: Your Essential Hurricane Recovery Guide is a comprehensive eBook designed to provide you with the vital contact information and resources needed in the wake of a hurricane. This guide ensures you have immediate access to emergency services, aid organizations, government agencies, and local non-profits, helping you navigate the challenging recovery process with ease.

RAS Homeowner Program

Paid Membership

RAS Homeowner Program ™

Platinum Level Membership

Enjoy peace of mind knowing your home is secure after a catastrophe. Streamline the reconstruction process with expert help and guidance. Gain immediate access to a trusted network of reconstruction professionals.

Annual Membership $99


Gain access to valuable information, government resources, and community support.
Sign up today and empower yourself for the road ahead!

Get The Free Download “After the Storm:
Your Comprehensive Resource for
Louisiana Hurricane Recovery”

Collaborative Partners

RLB Construction

Tree Guardian USA

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“Efficient Recovery, Expertly Guided: Unlock the Power of a Dedicated Contractor Team for Your Hurricane Recovery.”


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