A storm can devastate your home and disrupt your life in the blink of an eye. Even when the storm has passed, the aftermath can be just as challenging, from addressing immediate safety concerns to managing long-term reconstruction. But you are not alone in this journey. RLB Constructions’ RAS Homeowner Program is here to help you navigate these trying times.

Having survived four natural disasters within nine months, I understand the stress, despair, and helplessness that follows such catastrophes. That distress propelled the creation of the Respond, Assess, and Secure Homeowner Program, or RAS for short.

Preparation is essential for effectively navigating the aftermath of a major natural disaster. Just as organizations like FEMA, the National Guard, and the Red Cross plan well in advance, homeowners should also have a contingency plan in place before disaster strikes. By planning ahead, you’ll be poised to kickstart your home’s rebuild process without the weeks or even months of delay that can occur without a well-thought-out game plan.

Assessing the damage is crucial once the storm subsides and it’s safe to reenter your home. Identifying and documenting areas that need repair or restoration can be overwhelming. But RLB Constructions’ RAS Homeowner Program supports homeowners in this essential phase. If you’ve evacuated, our team can access your home as soon as roadways are open to assess and secure your home while you remain safe.

Forget the antiquated days of returning home after a storm, attempting to assess damages and find a reliable contractor. Hurricanes Laura, Delta, and Ida have taught us valuable lessons. Have a recovery plan; otherwise, you could be waiting months to recover.

After assessing your home damages, RLB provides you with a detailed written report using a widely accepted contractor program. We document damages with 80 to 100 pictures. This report can kick-start your insurance claim, placing you at the top of the list.

Cleanup and restoration are massive tasks. RAS Homeowner Program connects homeowners with our collaborative restoration partner, Restoration 1, covering all your restoration needs. For tree removal and debris cleanup, we are proud to partner with Tree Guardian USA, another superior Louisiana-owned business.

Roof repair and replacement is where RLB Constructions‘ expertise truly shines. Whether it’s tarping, repairing, or replacing your damaged roof, our team ensures the job is done correctly. RAS Homeowner Program is tailored to accommodate various degrees of damage and reconstruction needs.

The beautiful part of the RAS Homeowner Program is its free membership. You only pay a one-time $79 fee to upgrade to the Platinum membership, which we limit due to demand and capacity to deliver.

Join us today and soon you’ll see why we proudly say, “Once an RLB Customer, Always a Customer.”